Iconic Jaegermeister Brand Tells A Refreshing “Ingredients Story”


Jaegermeister, the iconic German bitter brand that in the US is more of a party-drink (not to say drinking game drink) is launching an interesting new campaign that focuses on its 56 ingredients and the complex way it is manufactured rather than its sub-cultural appeal.


The execution is really fresh and original, reinforcing the craftsmanship and heritage of the brand. In fact, according to an article on BevNet, they’ve contracted “three talented illustrators with the same level of passion for craft, Artists Olivia Knapp, Yeahhh! Studios and DKNG, (who) were tasked to create three unique illustrations that stem from the brand’s pillars – heritage, ingredients and process. The illustrations were then built into massive wooden works-of-art measuring over 6 feet in length, inspired by the large oak barrels in which each batch of Jagermeister is aged for one year. Each art piece is meticulously constructed from 56 separate, intricately cut, carved, etched, sanded, lacquered, varnished and hand-painted wooden parts — fashioned together like a puzzle, just as the complex ingredients of Jagermeister come together to create a perfectly balanced taste and one of the top selling premium spirits brands in the world.”


It’s refreshing to see and beautifully executed. And it’s interesting to see how they’re trying to stand out in the category by emphasizing two of Positioning-Roulette’s principles, i.e. an “Ingredients Story” and a “Creation Story” but then tying them back to their audience’s lifestyle with the line “Far-fetched ingredients lead to father-fetched nights”. Knowing that Millenials (the core audience for Jaegermeister) crave authentic brands with heritage, this is a very smart move as illustrated by all the positive comments they are getting on Facebook.

What do you think? Is this a smart move? Let us know your thoughts.

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