Positioning-Roulette: What Is Your Brand Story?


Welcome to our homepage and thank you for checking out our positioning development methodology.

First The Trousers uses a unique and proprietary methodology when developing positioning platforms and creating brand stories: Positioning-Roulette. It is more comprehensive and leads to more relevant brand positioning platforms and brand stories faster than any other methodology out there. And here is why.

The Positioning-Roulette methodology is based on the analysis of over 1200 case studies of successful brand building which has enabled us to identify the 26 universal approaches to successful brand positioning platforms and compelling brand stories (We offer to donate $500 to a charity of their choice to anyone who can come up with a 27ths approach. So far no one has been able to take us up on our offer). No other methodology provides this depth or substance.

26 areas

Each of the 26 approaches enables us to explore a brand’s uniqueness from a different and fresh perspective, is proven successful in building brands and is rooted in a deeper understanding on how people think, feel, learn, choose and behave.


Systematically exploring these 26 areas when doing a brand audit or when crafting a brand story and positioning platform enables us, usually in collaboration with your teams, to provide a fresh perspective on your brand, the category and your consumers. This comprehensive exploration of all potential positioning options makes it easy to identify the positioning territory that will best reflects your organization’s DNA, establish a distinctive and successful position in the market place and connect with your stakeholders at the most compelling level.

Our process is data driven, combines strategic rigor with creative problem skills and leads to better, more relevant results, faster than any other methodology out there.


First-The-Trousers can assist you with Positioning Roulette to:

  1. Position new products and brands
  2. Re-position existing products and brands
  3. Craft and fine-tune compelling brand stories
  4. Add more texture and depth to existing brand stories
  5. Develop (and research) new product concepts
  6. Train your marketing teams through corporate training seminars

A growing number of companies are already using our methodology (in one form or another). They include among others Facebook, Google, Kimberly Clark, Hewlett Packard, Reynolds Consumer Products, Vice, Siemens, Land O Lakes and Bacardi.

We pride ourselves of a 100% referral rate. Here is some of the endorsement our methodology has received:  

This all-encompassing approach had us explore every positioning option without bias, and with Ulli’s guidance allowed us to distill the ideas into a truly unique place in this increasingly cluttered category.”

Ulli and the First the Trousers team helped us with a fresh approach to create a compelling story for a new (global) product through a Positioning-Roulette workshop. Positioning Roulette proved to be a very effective method to explore all potential options to build a clear and distinctive brand and product message to conquer customer loyalty and new customers. Very recommendable! 

The Positioning Roulette methodology led to a deep team discussion and new insights around how to optimize our brand positioning and also gave the team confidence that we had explored all potential options. I would highly recommend Ulli and look forward to working with him again

Want to hear more about Positioning Roulette and how this methodology can help your organization grow its business? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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