26 Popular Children Games from Around The World

26 Popular Children Games from Around The World


End of 2017, I decided to create and produce this game as a little side gig and as a way to promote cultural understanding and celebrate cultural diversity through kids’ natural urge for fun and games. This will help to raise better and more tolerant human beings. In the US, the game can also be purchased on Amazon. Shipping is included in the international (non-US) orders. 

The deck contains 26 game cards, each of which focuses on a different country and explains the rules of a game that’s popular among children there. And, as you’ll notice, many of them are fun variations on games familiar to you.

Every card also includes a fun fact about the country and how the people say “hello”. The cards are a great conversation starter to introduce your child to other cultures. The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

For kids 4 and up – Games were selected that require a minimum of accessories. They’re meant to promote physical and social skills and are gender neutral. They can be played by kids 4 years old and up and are a great way to bring together the whole family or neighborhood. Some games are a bit more physical, so, as always, parental supervision is advised whenever children are playing together.

Parts of the proceeds are donated to the International Rescue Committee to support their “A year of School” program allowing young girls in developing countries to attend school. 

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