Understanding Moms & How To Connect With Them (The 5 MN Version)


As we all know, moms are big business. The 85+ million moms in the US represent a spending power of $2.1 trillion (Babycenter.com) and there isn’t really a category that isn’t directly or indirectly influenced by the way a mom feels about it.

The challenge is that most advertisers do not understand moms. In fact, that’s what moms themselves will tell you if you ask them. According to M2Moms (www.M2Moms.com):

  • 73% of moms feel that advertisers don’t really understand what it’s like to be a mom
    • 60% of moms feel like marketers are ignoring their needs
    • 80% of moms think advertisers are doing a poor job at connecting with them.

The speed with which the current environment has evolved makes this problem even more pronounced. Who would have guessed two years ago that mobile and social platforms such as Pinterest would play such a dominant role with moms today? Who knows what they will gravitate towards in two years. In that environment it is crucial to have a finger on the pulse on what is going on in moms’ lives.

Prior to launching First-The-Trousers, I co-founded www.wemothers.com, an online community catering to the emotional needs of moms. I created an online community of 10.000 moms on a $0 budget, purely through developing engaging content and by connecting emotionally with moms in social media. Through doing so, I gained an intimate and in-depth knowledge of this highly valuable and influential consumer segment.

I applied this understanding to a blog entry I wrote for the HuffPost titled “24 Clear Signs You’re a Mom” which within 72 hours was viewed by over 4 million readers and generated over 300K “likes” and 100K “shares”, a clear sign that it resonated with the readers, most of them moms. So, while we shy a little away from self-proclaimed expert status at FTT, we’ve learned a little about creating content that can reach millions of moms and can apply this knowledge and expertise by helping brands better connect with moms.

If you’re interested in getting a quick immersion in today’s mommy culture and want to understand what resonates with moms:

1. Read this blog entry entitled “5 untapped opportunities to connect with moms” which shares some of our experience building a community of 10.000 moms.

2. Read through this Slideshare presentation

3. Or, watch these “9 Most Popular Advertising Campaigns for Moms in 2013″, a list we compiled for and published on the Huffington Post (click on the picture).


Is your core audience moms? First-The-Trousers can help you position your brand is a way that will resonate with moms, develop new product ideas they’ll find valuable and useful and develop communication strategies across channels they’ll find engaging and share-worthy. To find out how we can help you, please contact us here.