The Moods of Motherhood – An Untapped Opportunity For Marketers

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Since WeMothers is very much centered around the way moms feel, we wanted to get a sense for the type of feelings and moods a mom felt and the frequency of these feelings over a given period of time. In previous research, 9 moms out of ten had told us that motherhood was a bit like riding an emotional roller coaster, and that motherhood was “the only place you could experience Heaven and Hell at the same time”. But we couldn’t find any information about the type of feelings a mom had and their frequency. So we asked them, and here are the results.


The good news is that positive feelings dominate overall. I guess that ensures that our population will continue to grow.

Also not surprising is the fact that exhaustion and confusion were the most frequent negative feelings/moods a mom experiences.

From a marketing point of view I can’t help but think that the emotional world of moms is so rich and provides so many opportunities to meaningfully connect with them, potentially allowing brands to serve a real purpose in their lives that seems completely untapped. In fact, the communication stereotypes about moms usually focus on the “smart mom”, the “good mom” or the cool mom” or the “connected mom” and in doing so completely miss the mark. And it looks like moms would agree with me here, since 73% of them feel that advertisers don’t really understand what it’s like to be a mom (

If you’re a mom reading this, let me know how this chart resonates with you (oh and and make sure to join If you’re a marketer whose core consumer group are moms and want to learn more about today’s emotional world of moms, feel free to contact me directly.


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