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Last week Tuesday (11.5.2013), I posted a list of 24 mommy insights or truths on the Huffington Post entitled “24 clear signs you’re a mom”. Based on my experience building and managing our Facebook Fan Page, I knew these truths were engaging and relevant to moms. So when I posted them on the HuffPost I was hoping that we’d get some traction. But since I only recently started to blog for the HuffPost, I wasn’t quite sure what “success” could look like and what to expect.

What happened then blew me away.

We all know what the viral curve of a piece of content looks like and how short-lived it is. So I found it interesting to be able to create this curve based on my own entry and thought I share it here. So below is a chart that visualizes the growth rate of the “likes” this article received in the first few days. The HuffPost doesn’t provide any detailed analytics beyond what can be seen on the page, so “likes” and “shares” are all I could use to track its evolution.

24 clear signs you’re a mom - growth

The article started strong, reaching 5.500 likes in the first few hours on Tuesday. That in itself was already mind blowing. In fact, my previous posts on the HuffPost had reached several hundred likes, so I thought 5.500 would be the highest I could expect. But on Wednesday, a day after posting, the article reached 57.500 likes, on Thursday it reached 150.000 “likes” and on Friday it broke the 200.000 “likes” barrier. After that it slowly started to flatten out and as I am writing this entry, one week later, there are around 230K “likes”.

In the first few days, the article was also shared 57.000 times.

favorite story

So here are a few learning I take away from this experience:

It’s fun. First, it’s really fun to see your publication become so popular so quickly. I don’t know about you but I am not an experienced or particularly skilled writer and publisher, so this type of “success” is still new and exciting for me.

Re-purposed content can be an extremely powerful marketing tool: when you think about it all I really did was take the learning from our Facebook community, truths and insights I knew from my interaction with moms were relevant and engaging, and published them in another media channel.

The power of those mommy truths & insights: Seeing how much the article was liked and shared was already a great source of satisfaction and validation. But even more rewarding was to see how much it resonated with moms, how much they could identify with the content, as illustrated by all the comments in the comment section. If you’re interested in finding out how these insights can benefit your brand and help you “move” your mommies audience, click here.

The universality of those truths: After the initial response in the US, it appears that the Spanish editorial team of the HuffPost decided to translate the article and publish it on the HuffPost Spain site on Sunday (11.10.2013). The article can be found here. In the first couple of days, the Spanish version achieved 57.000 “likes” and 14.000 “shares” (Spain only has a population of around 47 million) which tells me that those insights and truths resonate equally powerfully with moms across geographies (on 11.19.2013 the number of “likes” is 72.000).

The pressure to replicate this success: Involuntarily, I’ve set an extremely high benchmark for the success of my future publications on the HuffPost. A benchmark I know I will not be able to achieve again, or at least not easily. But I’ll try and that makes it fun.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Yes, this post had a significant impact on WeMothers in terms of new opportunities and new members. I highly recommend this type of success.

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