Virtual Brand Positioning Development!

First-The-Trousers has adjusted its proven successful positioning development methodology to enable brand teams to create, develop, finetune and validate brand positioning platforms virtually and remotely.  

The methodology:

Our approach is based on the analysis of over 1200 cases of effective marketing, which allowed us to identify the 26 proven effective universal triggers of successful brand positioning. 

The triggers are used as a starting point and inspiration to guide a cross-functional team through a systematic exploration of all available positioning options specific to your brand. 

Research on creativity shows that individuals are better at generating a large number of diverse ideas than groups, but that groups are better at evolving, finetuning and finalizing those ideas. Our methodology taps into these insights about creative problem solving:

  1. Individual team members are guided through a structured ideation process (using an online ideation platform) to come up with a large and diverse number of relevant positioning hypotheses. Their work on their terms allowing for better and more ideas.
  2. These positioning hypotheses are then grouped into relevant positioning platforms, ranked, finetuned and finalized by the core team. 
  3. The most promising positioning territories are then finetuned and validated through qualitative or quantitative reach. 

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This approach can be used to:

  1. Develop brand positioning platforms for new brands,
  2. Repositioning existing brands,
  3. Add texture and richness to existing positioning platforms (give them more legs),
  4. Validate existing positioning platforms,
  5. Develop new product concepts,
  6. Develop and identify persuasive messaging platforms. 

Half of our projects are international in scope as the tool is ideally suited to involve and align a group of international stakeholders.  

The benefits: 

  1. The methodology combines data and analytical rigor with creative problem-solving methods ultimately leading to better solutions faster.
  2. Yields more relevant positioning options, faster, than any other methodology out there. 
  3. Maximizes both the individual team members’ and team’s contributions.
  4. Rooted in a deeper, more rigorous understanding of how people think, feel, learn, perceive and behave (the 26 triggers).
  5. Allows an organization to harvests the collective knowledge of the team and aligns the POVs of different stakeholders.
  6. Eliminates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), i.e. “did we miss something?”.
  7. Creates a sense of ownership among participants.
  8. Suited for national and international assignments. 
  9. Speed.

A proven successful & endorsed approach: 

Our approach has been used by thousands of brand managers and strategists worldwide (through our best selling method cards) and by numerous organizations including Land O Lakes, Post Consumer Brands, Outlaw Energy Drink, Siemens, L’allemand (Bio-Tech), Angel’s Envy (Bacardi), IGT (gaming) through our consulting engagements. 

In the words of some of our clients:

  • Ulli and the First the Trousers team helped us with a fresh approach to create a compelling story for a new (global) product through a Positioning-Roulette workshop. Positioning Roulette proved to be a very effective method to explore all potential options to build a clear and distinctive brand and product message to conquer customer loyalty and new customers. Ulli’s experience and enthusiasm to prepare the workshop and then moderate the discussions was the icing on the cake. Very recommendable!  Carlos Alheiro, Global Product Marketing Manager, Siemens HealthCare
  • Ulli has a clear passion and knack for positioning work.  He also is very skilled at building relationships and leading/moderating discussions. The Positioning Roulette methodology led to a deep team discussion and new insights around how to optimize our brand positioning and also gave the team confidence that we had explored all potential options. I would highly recommend Ulli and look forward to working with him again. Jamie Kinnear, Marketing Director and Director of Innovation and New Business Development, Land O’Lakes.
  • FTT helped us evolve Angel’s Envy brand positioning and the Positioning-Roulette methodology was a good reminder that often “tried and true” is the best method when approached creatively.  This all-encompassing approach had us explore every positioning option without bias, and with Ulli’s guidance allowed us to distill the ideas into a truly unique place in this increasingly cluttered category. Sam Seiller, Managing Director & Bourbon Chick, Angel’s Envy (Bacardi).
  • I recently used this methodology with my colleagues at Flamingo and we were astonished how well it worked and how quickly we were able to hone in on a territory for the brand we were working on. A team that had already worked on a positioning for weeks got some folks in the office together, told us nothing about where they’d arrived and we broke into teams and used the approach and in 20 minutes built pretty much what the team that had been working on it for weeks had come up with. Very cool tool to scrape the corners of your brain. We’re planning on using them whenever we’ve got a positioning assignment! Erica Ross, consultant Flamingo International

Process & timeline:

Our typical process can be adjusted to your organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Step 1: Discovery (done remotely & via phone and video conferencing)

  • Alignment on objectives, aspirations, and constraints.
  • Immersion into all the existing and available primary and secondary data.
  • Potential proprietary research to understand the market and consumers.
  • Interview with key stakeholders.

Step 2: Positioning development & ideation (via online collaboration platform)

  • Individual team members are guided through an ideation process using our 26 universal triggers.
  • All individual answers are aggregated and grouped into positioning territories.
  • Most promising territories are then refined by the core team.

Step 3: Research & Validation (online)

  • Shortlist of positioning territories (typically 2 to 4) are then validated through online research (qualitative or quantitative based on client’s requirements) 

The process is fast, extremely rigorous and perfect to create buy-in from all the relevant stakeholders. And depending on the scope, the whole process can be completed within 3 to 4 weeks.


I’d love to hear from you if you believe that this approach would serve your needs or to answer any questions you might have @