What’s up with Creative Directors and Children Books?

Not sure this is a “trend” or just a coincidence, but three of my friends who are agency creative directors and dads have decided to write children books, often inspired by their own kids.  They are:

Helmut Kruse who wrote several books including Do Polar Bears Sleep On Their Bellies (available in English, German and Polish) playfully covers fun facts about various animals (you can literally hear his daughter asking all these questions). Helmut also the creator of all the Positioning Roulette illustrations.



Dean Hacohen, author of the already very successful “Tuck Me In” who recently released Who’s Hungry, a playful way to teach kids about the type of food various animals eat.


And last but not least James Allen who together with his wife Lisa Allen who just released Brubbies, The Big One, the first of a book series about two brothers that are discovering the world around them, realizing along the way that it’s great having someone to share it with.


Click on the links, check them out, and buy them, the books are great.




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