Management lessons learned as a new dad


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In 2009 I took a 6 month sabbatical to help “welcome” our twins Lola and Fynn. In the process I sharpened my ability to work under stress (sleep depravation) and my problem solving skills. Four years later I am still working on my managerial skills as the new addition to the family doesn’t seem to always want to follow my leadership quite yet.

Along the way I learned following management lessons and the three questions every great manager should ask difficult co-workers and business partners in case of crisis:

1. Do you need a hug? Sometimes all your business partners need when they are all upset is some soothing. A hug works miracles here.

2. Do you need me to burp you? Sometimes business associates and co-workers might have an internal tension or frustration that drives their behaviors and attitudes and makes them difficult. Patting them on the back and getting them to burp to release the pressure works wonders here (can be combined with 1.)

3. Do I need to change your diapers? Sometimes 1. and 2. doesn’t apply or can’t be applied. This is usually because they are fill of s..t. In that case there is only one solution: offering them to change their diapers.

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