Positioning Strategy in a Box – Positioning-Roulette Flash Cards are now Available Online

Roulette cards web size-002

I am thrilled to announce that the Positioning-Roulette flash cards are now available for purchase online.

The Positioning-Roulette flash cards are the portable version of Positioning-Roulette and a must-have for every strategist, marketer and brand storyteller. Some call it “The Creative Whack Pack” of brand positioning.

Each approach is captured on a card and summarized by a set of questions that will inspire your thinking and idea generation process. Just grab a random card and let the questions direct your thinking. Repeat until you’ve gone through the whole set or until you’ve identified a territory that really energizes you.

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Here are some of the comments Positioning-Roulette has received so far:

Love them. Great thought starters to get the brain going. Would recommend to any strategist
A fun way to work out your brand story
Superb tool of intriguing #positioning tactics and strategies.
This is a very cool tool
Great tool help planners re-frame problems & explore fresh strategic approaches to a brief
I love this and practice it with every strategy assignment we tackle. Thank you for sharing
Lots of great brain fodder for anyone working on brand positioning challenges –
A great tool for planners
Wondering how to position your brand for success? Learn how to create your brand story
Really useful set of 26 questions/ideas to use for positioning your brand
Helpful for content strategists also

The Flash Cards can be ordered here