Social Media, You’re Doing It Wrong if…

You’re (still) using social media as a broadcast channel. Sure, we all know that social media is about engagement and tapping into conversation users find interesting (and often it is not about your product or brand) but look at the social communication out there. Broadcast, broadcast, broadcast.

You are not using social media as a research tool into the hot triggers of users and to understand what consumers respond to. Insights that you can then scale through more traditional media.

Your social media department is integrated within your media department (or your social media agency is integrated with the media department of that agency). Old habits die hard and they will plan your social media channels like hey plan traditional media channels (see point one).

Your agency doesn’t have an in-house production department that can churn out content quickly and very cost effectively. As a reminder, the production of the Dollar Shave Club launch video, which propelled the company to be sold for $1 billion, was around $5,0000. Okay, the founder called-in favors but still. A video for Facebook doesn’t have to cost $150K.

Your agency uses “traditional creative teams” to produce the content. They will look at the social media creative assets as “campaigns” for their books and will want to produce over-priced videos and set-up expensive shoots just to create a few social media posts.

Your social media partner doesn’t understand the brand’s character and tone of voice. In social you may have to react quickly and in the right tone of voice. Understanding the brand, what it stands for and more importantly what it doesn’t stand for is crucial.

Your social media agency is too young and doesn’t understand the business side of things. I’ve once had a client who wanted to launch a new brand. His social media agency, a young start-up, had convinced him that the cheapest way to do so was through social media, by building a community of fans and ambassadors for this brand (that no one knew I should add) that would then relay the brand message for him. Sounds appealing right? But what a bunch of BS. A year later and after having spend more than $1 mio. with no impact on the business, the client fired his agency.

If you don’t think mobile first. As Buzzfeed puts it “Social may be how content is distributed today, but mobile is how it is consumed”. If you assign an agency to re-design your website and they do not take a mobile first approach, fire them. Why does it matter? Because many transactions you might want your consumers to engage in, follow a different dynamic in mobile versus desktop. Who for example signs into their Amazon account using their mobile browser?

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