What We Do

At First-The-Trousers we help solve business, branding and communication problems. We guide our clients to look beyond the obvious and see their  business and brand from a fresh perspective. We believe in always combining analytic rigor with creative problem solving. And through it all, we stay wholly focused on the desired business results.

Our capabilities include brand and consumer research (qualitative & quantitative methods), brand and communication strategy developmentproduct and category innovation & process optimization.

We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, we customize our approach, the tools and methodologies we use and the subject matter experts we involve to address your specific business problems and needs. Below are some of the recent problems and questions we’ve helped solve and answered for our clients.

Growth & Innovation

How can I meaningfully re-frame the category I am in, in order to generate business growth and escape the diminishing return of my innovation cycle?
How many brands do I need to best capitalize on my various consumer segments while being able to tell my brand story in a consistent way?
How can I re-structure, align and manage my product portfolio more efficiently?
How can I grow my business by identifying white space opportunities and turning those into viable product opportunities?
Help us define the innovation guidelines that will guide our product innovation pipeline.
We want to optimize out product innovation and go to market processes.  

Targeting & Consumer Understanding

What values and behaviors define a specific consumer sub-culture and how can my brand regain relevance and play a more meaningful role within that culture?
What is the ideal target audience for my brand and what defines them?

Brand positioning & storytelling

How do I position my company to be able to thrive in our fast-moving, quickly changing category?
How can I optimize, improve and add more substance to my existing brand positioning platform with the objective to tell a richer more engaging story?
My current positioning didn’t help achieve or business objectives. How can I best re-position my brand to re-gain momentum in the marketplace?
We have been growing successfully, but our category has significantly evolved over the last few year. We need to evolve our positioning to better compete in this new environment and secure growth for the next 5/10 years. 

Channel specific communication strategies

What is the most effective part of my brand story to convert potential buyers at point of sale?