Our Unique Approach Positioning Roulette


Our approach to positioning and brand story development is unique in that we work with a proprietary framework called Positioning-Roulette (PR). PR is a flexible and agile thinking framework and strategy development methodology that is designed to guide and stimulate a team’s thinking when carrying out a brand audit and when trying to identify the best possible way to position a brand.

It is unique and superior in that it is based on the analysis of over 1200 case studies of effective marketing and identifies 26 universal and proven approaches (or consumer triggers) to positioning development that are rooted in a deeper understanding of consumers.

Systematically exploring those 26 areas when doing a brand audit or when developing a brand story and positioning platform enables us together with your team to come up with more relevant solutions that go beyond the surface of common knowledge and that are rooted in a deeper understanding of how consumers learn, perceive, feel, process and act.

You can discover the 26 paths to positioning by visiting www.positioning-roulette.com where a lot of the content is available for free.

Positioning-Roulette is a versatile tool that can be used:

1. To better understand the position of a brand (brand audit/discovery phase)

2. To develop a new brand positioning or brand story for a brand

3. To reposition an ailing brand

4. To pressure-test an existing positioning

5. To generate new product and new application ideas for existing products

6. To develop new product concepts

7. To develop communication/messaging platforms

8. For national and global projects/brands

In the words of one of our clients: Ulli (and the FTT team) has a clear passion and knack for positioning work.  He also is very skilled at building relationships and leading/moderating discussions.  The Positioning Roulette methodology led to a deep team discussion and new insights around how to optimize our brand positioning and also gave the team confidence that we had explored all potential options.  I would highly recommend Ulli and look forward to working with him again. Marketing & Innovation Director at a leading CPG company

First-The-Trousers can assist you using this methodology to:

Position new products and brands

Re-position existing products and brands

Develop and research new product concepts

Develop and identify the most compelling messaging strategy for your advertising

Train your marketing teams through corporate training seminars

 Positioning Roulette is used by a growing number of corporations both large and small, including Land O’Lakes, Bacardi and Siemens (globally).