Aha! The Indispensable Insight Generation Toolkit

Aha! The Indispensable Insight Generation Toolkit


The ‘Aha! The Indispensable Insight Generation toolkit” is designed to help you mine, uncover and identify business, brand and communication insights.

This deck includes 49 proven successful exercises (one per card) to help you do so. The cards are divided into 3 sections, each representing a path to insights:

8 “Problem Definition” method cards to help you reframe your stated business problem, look at it from various perspectives and help you challenge the inherent assumptions built into every problem statement. Defining your business problem correctly is usually the first step toward uncovering a powerful insight and will help guide your fact-finding process.

37 “Insight Discovery” cards, which will point you to 37 proven sources of insights and thus accelerate your insight mining process. This section is like a roadmap to insights.

4 “Insight Harvest” method cards that will help you convert interesting data and information into insights. These proven exercises will encourage you to dig deeper into the human motivations underlying the data as well as identify potential tensions your brand can help resolve. If there is an insight in your data, these exercises will help you uncover it.

The deck also includes a scorecard to help you assess whether you actually have identified an insight or just some interesting new information.

The cards are a must-have for every marketer, market researcher, and strategist.

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The cards were created by Ulli Appelbaum, the founder of brand research and strategy boutique First The Trousers and an award-winning marketing and brand strategist with over 20 years of experiences leading the strategy departments of some of the best advertising agencies in the world. He has contributed to 7 Effie awards and an ARF Ogilvy award for Excellence in Research.

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