As we all know, moms are big business. The 85+ million moms in the US represent a spending power of $2.1 trillion ( and there isn’t really a category that isn’t directly or indirectly influenced by the way a mom feels about it.

The challenge is that most advertisers do not understand moms. In fact, that’s what moms themselves will tell you if you ask them. According to M2Moms (

  • 73% of moms feel that advertisers don’t really understand what it’s like to be a mom
    • 60% of moms feel like marketers are ignoring their needs
    • 80% of moms think advertisers are doing a poor job at connecting with them.

At FTT we have an in-depth understanding of moms. No really, we do. We’ve been involved with two start-ups focused on moms (one failed, one is succeeding), have built and managed a social community of over 10K moms for several years (at a $0 budget), have predicted the need for brands to change the way they engage moms long before it became a relevant topic and are regular Huffpost contributors on the subject.

One of our articles “24 clear signs you’re a mom” (call it direct to consumer content) struck a chord with moms around the world. In fact, within 72 hours it was read by over 5 million readers and generated over 300K “likes” and 100K “shares”. It was then translated into Spanish, German, and Japanese with similar results, proving that these insights (generated by analytics) are truly universal.

Our most recent achievement (2017) was in helping Schwan’s and the space150 team in re-positioning and relaunching the frozen pizza brand Red Baron across channels.

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