Welcome Everyone Hates Marketers Listeners

Welcome to my website.

If you are here it is probably because you heard Louis Grenier and me talking on the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast. I hope you had as much fun listening to us as I did talking to Louis.  He is a wonderful host who is passionate about introducing you to the people and ideas that can improve your life.

I hope it came across during the interview that I am passionate about applying creative problem-solving methods to strategic problems to help my clients generate business growth.

Feel free to look around the site to learn more my philosophy and see the newest resources to help you with Brand Engagement, Innovation, and Growth. You’ll also find a series of interviews with entrepreneurs and small business owners that I think will inspire you.

Below are some of the resources mentioned in the interview:


“The 26 Universal Questions To Help You Position Your Brand” is the cliff note version of my positioning process, which can be downloaded for free.

During the interview, we also talked about the best-selling Positioning-Roulette flashcards, a deck of cards designed to stimulate and inspire your thinking when developing brand positioning platforms and to help you craft your own brand story. The cards can be ordered on Amazon if you live in the US or here if you live outside the US. The cards are currently on sale and international shipping is included.


Last but not least, if you would like to discuss a potential project with me and find out if I would be the right fit, send me an email at ulli@first-the-trousers.com or book an hour of video coaching with me.