Video Consulting On Demand


Do you sometimes wish you could talk to, and get advice from a senior marketing and branding expert without necessarily having to hire him for a whole project or breaking the bank? Then you are not alone.

In fact, all you need sometimes is some advice, some unbiased feedback on an idea or strategy or positioning platform, bounce an idea off a neutral but knowledgeable expert, ask for a tip or simply just a nudge to help you overcome a mental block and look at your business or the problem you’re trying to solve from a different perspective and with fresh eyes.

If this is you, you might be interested in my latest service, a one-hour video coaching session with me.

This service is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to hire a marketing or branding expert for an extended period of time but needs pointed advice in all things marketing, brand strategy, innovation, and market research. This includes small business owners, start-up founders, entrepreneurs, marketing and market research professionals and even other consultants.

How does it work?

Not sure if I have the subject matter expertise to help you solve your specific problem or answer your specific question? Then just send me a note and find out. I only agree to these sessions when I know that I will be able to help, add value and give you the type of answers you’re expecting.

Once you’re ready, book an hour here and set-up a time for a Skype or Zoom call that works best for you. I’ll reach out to you before the call to determine what you need help with and do my upfront research (if needed). After the call, you’ll receive a summary of the key issues and action discussed during our call.

Et voila. Simple, useful, fast and without further commitment.

Why me?

With over 20 years of experience building brands (big & small), developing new product ideas, developing multi-channel communication strategies and launching a couple of products myself, I have most likely encountered the situation you are in. And over those years, I’ve learned how to build brands and businesses and develop effective marketing programs, as illustrated by my 7 effies. I’ve learned my trade and gained my experience with some of the best brands and marketers in the world. But I’ve also launched my own businesses and products, and thus fully understand the needs and constraints of small business and startups.

The benefits of a video call:

  • Little time, resources and $ commitment on your end
  • We go straight to the point and the issue to solve
  • You get an independent, neutral and expert perspective
  • You have access to a very experienced marketing and brand strategy expert
  • You get solutions and actionable next steps

How does it work (4 simple steps)?

  1. We have an initial discussion to assess your expectations and needs
  2. I do a bit of discovery work prior to our call
  3. We do a video session to discuss and solve your problem
  4. You receive a summary of our discussion with clear action steps

What my clients say:

I got curious about Ulli’s marketing methods which made lot of sense to me and after a couple of video calls, I have been able to better focus our commercial targets for nanosatellites applications. CEO, Microsatellites start-up.

Ulli has continued to be a valued resource to me in matters of marketing and brand strategy. CEO, Consumer Goods startup.

Ulli is thoughtful, thorough and caring. He does a wonderful job of listening… and has helped me find a clarity that I’d been searching for. CEO, Healthcare Industry

Ulli always comes in with great thinking and prepared.  No matter the project, he always adds new ideas and thoughts that spur the team into a better place.  His style is terrific – he elevates the thinking in a personable way – everyone wants to work with him.  Chief Strategy Officer, Advertising Agency

Oh and if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you’ll get reimbursed, no questions asked. Is this service for you? Best way to find out is to send me an email.