A Smarter And More Thoughtful Approach To Positioning Development

“A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points” (Computer Scientist Alan Kay)


Coming up with a generic brand positioning for a brand is very easy.

On the other hand, coming up with a truly distinctive and compelling positioning platform that is insightful, reflects the brand’s core and helps generate sales is very hard.

Why? Because it requires the team in charge to look at the assignment from a variety of different angles and perspectives with the objective to find the one that sheds a new light on the brand and gets consumers to reconsider their brand preferences, choices or behaviors.

And that is extremely difficult because our brains (and most organizational cultures) are wired to gravitate towards the predictable and familiar (or proven) and operate within a series of mental biases and patterns that are really hard to break away from. Even the most experienced marketers will only be able to look at a given business problem or positioning challenge from maybe 3 to 4 different perspectives at the most.

This is where our proprietary positioning development methodology kicks in. It enables us, together with your teams, to look at a positioning challenge from 26 different perspectives, and thus hack those hard to avoid mental biases and thought patterns that prevent us from identifying truly innovative solutions.  

A truly consumer-centered approach

The 26 perspectives or lenses we use aren’t random. Instead, they are the outcome of a rigorous analysis of over 1200 award-winning case studies of successful brand building across categories and geographies. They are so powerful, useful and inspiring because they are deeply rooted in the way people think, feel, learn, choose and behave. No other positioning development methodology starts with this level of depth and substance.

A lack of time and resources is not an excuse for a lack of strategy

Most brands don’t have the luxury to spend 9 months and $250k on developing a positioning platform any longer (but if you know of one, please, by all means, give me an introduction). Those times are long gone. Our methodology challenges the traditional way of doing things and what would normally take other organizations months to complete takes us only a few weeks while providing a more comprehensive 360 perspective on your problem.  

In fact, a systematic exploration and evaluation of these 26 triggers when crafting a brand story and positioning platform, usually in the context of a 2 days workshop with a cross-functional client team, enables us to identify, discuss and evaluate every single positioning option available to your brand and identify the most promising one.  

This is best illustrated by an email we received recently from a senior consultant at a renowned international brand consulting & research firm that we really admire: “I recently used these (the Positioning-Roulette flashcards, the DIY version of our methodology) with my colleagues and we were astonished how well they worked and how quickly we were able to hone in on a territory for the brand we were working on. A team that had already worked on a positioning for weeks got some folks in the office together, told us nothing about where they’d arrived and we broke into teams and used the Positioning-Roulette methodology and in 20 minutes built pretty much what the team that had been working on it for weeks had come up with. Very cool tool to scrape the corners of your brain. We’re planning on using them whenever we’ve got a positioning assignment!”.

Don’t take our word for it

Embracing a new idea, concept or methodology, like the Positioning-Roulette methodology, is not always obvious nor easy (that’s those mental biases and the pull towards the familiar at work). So don’t take our word for it and instead read the testimonials of our clients below (we pride ourselves on a 100% referral rate):

The Positioning-Roulette methodology was a good reminder that often “tried and true” is the best method when approached creatively. This all-encompassing approach had us explore every positioning option without bias, and with Ulli’s guidance allowed us to distill the ideas into a truly unique place in this increasingly cluttered category.” Managing Director, spirits company.

Ulli and the First the Trousers team helped us with a fresh approach to create a compelling story for a new (global) product through a Positioning-Roulette workshop. Positioning-Roulette proved to be a very effective method to explore all potential options to build a clear and distinctive brand and product message to conquer customer loyalty and new customers. Ulli’s experience and enthusiasm to prepare the workshop and then moderate the discussions was the icing on the cake. Very recommendable! Global Product Marketing Manager, Multinational company, Healthcare industry

Ulli (and the FTT team) has a clear passion and knack for positioning work.  He also is very skilled at building relationships and leading/moderating discussions.  The Positioning-Roulette methodology led to a deep team discussion and new insights around how to optimize our brand positioning and also gave the team confidence that we had explored all potential options.  I would highly recommend Ulli and look forward to working with him again. Marketing & Innovation Director of a leading CPG company

Ulli and his team are thoughtful, thorough and caring. They do a wonderful job of listening, understanding and gathering info to help capture the essence of the brand (or it’s aspiration) and then checks it against the real world. FTT has helped us find a clarity that we’d been searching for. C.E.O. of a fast growing company in the Healthcare industry


The Positioning-Roulette methodology can be used to:

  1. Position new products and brands
  2. Reposition existing products and brands
  3. Add more texture and depth to existing brand stories
  4. Develop new product concepts
  5. Explore new applications for existing products
  6. Re-frame the way you look at your market and identify new growth opportunities
  7. Train your marketing teams through corporate training seminars.

Around 50% of our assignments involve a global brand. 

Who already uses Positioning-Roulette?

A growing number of companies are already using our methodology (in one form or another). They include among others Siemens, Land O Lakes, and Bacardi, Facebook, Google, Kimberly Clark, Hewlett Packard, Reynolds Consumer Products, Vice, etc.

Positioning-Roulette flashcards

For the do-it-yourselfer, the Positioning-Roulette methodology is also available as flashcards, designed to guide and inspire your thinking when developing brand positioning platforms and brand stories by inviting you to look at your assignment from 26 proven effective angles. The best-selling cards are already in their 2nd edition and can be purchased here.

Let’s talk

Want to hear more about Positioning-Roulette and how this methodology could potentially help your organization? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

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