What Users Say About The Positioning-Roulette Flashcards.

I launched the Positioning-Roulette flashcards almost four years ago. The printed version is now in its second edition and by US (business books) sales standards they would be considered a bestseller. Since 2017 they’ve also been available on Amazon which has increased their reach. And in 2018 they will be included on the “must-read marketing material” list of a reputable university here in the US (more coming soon).

I know that the Positioning-Roulette workshops I facilitate are always well received and seen as extremely insightful and useful. But workshop are also easier for me to control since I facilitate them.

With the flashcards, the user is on his/her own leading to questions like “will people use them the way it was intended”, “are the flashcards self-explanatory”, “will they provide the high quality output I intended, independently of the seniority of the user”, and so forth.

So I reached out to some people who have ordered the flashcards and asked them for their feedback. Here are some of the comments:

“I have used the tool mainly for Market Research purposes with research participants, Facilitation and Creative Problem Solving Sessions with clients. I work with a small Design Thinking Firm in Puerto Rico and we recently used the Positioning Roulette questions in new product development project and to explore further uses of an existing product seeking innovation.”

“I use these cards with our Junior Strategists to stretch their thinking. I’ve liked that they are a physical exercise that we can do together, but what I find myself wishing is for an accompanying digital experience that gathers case studies to illustrate each. I have my own examples, but it would be nice for them to use the cards as a self-guided learning tool”.

“Yes, I’d definitely recommend them to both agency-side and client-side marketers. They are easy and fun to use. There are good, thought-provoking questions that stimulate healthy conversation about the brand in different contexts. My one recommendation would be to add some actual brand examples to each of the cards. Doesn’t have to be more than a couple of logos. For example, name some actual brands from the 1200 that you studied that “Leverage the Usage Context” for their positioning. We’ve started doing that on our own but it would be helpful for others to have those tangible examples”

“These are easily one of the most well thought out and useful tools I have found to date! After buying a set for myself and loving them I went back and bought a bunch of them for the rest of my office”

“Best Tool in a long time! This is a must have for all marketers, creatives, strategists, brand people, start uppers etc. You better go and buy this product fast. Improve your brand strategy now! And have fun while doing so!!! Loving it! And the client is very pleased too!”

“Great stuff”

“Fuel for the curious mind, If you believe the best way to solve a business or brand problem is by turning it upside and inside out and looking at it again with fresh eyes, P-R offers you 25+ just such ways to do so. Highly recommend”

“A real treasure when it comes to accelerate productivity in positioning development. Works perfectly for personal inspiration and participative workshops. A toolkit our brand strategists at VORN strategy consulting love to work with”

“A brilliant tool to generate ideas when you’re in a creative slump, or want to take a different look at your business and consumer. These cards are like having a thought partner at the ready to challenge your thinking, generate new ideas, or see things in a different light. I recommend them highly for both experienced or green teams”

“Love them. Super useful, I always have them handy when working on an insight or strategy project. I love how they help take down pathways you might not have otherwise. Well done!”

“A great tool to help generate thoughts for branding or new product ideas”

“I recently used these with my colleagues and we were astonished how well they worked and how quickly we were able to hone in on a territory for the brand we were working on. A team that had already worked on a positioning for weeks got some folks in the office together, told us nothing about where they’d arrived and we broke into teams and used the cards and in 20 minutes built pretty much what the team that had been working on it for weeks had come up with. Very cool tool to scrape the corners of your brain. We’re planning on using them whenever we’ve got a positioning assignment!”

The cards can be ordered via Amazon and shipped within 2 days (Amazon Prime).

If you have used the flashcards and want to share your experience or if you have questions about the cards and how to use them, do not hesitate to reach out.

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