The Brand Positioning Workbook

I recently launched “The Brand Positioning Workbook: A Simple How-To Guide To More Compelling Positionings, Faster, “described asthe best book on brand positioning since Ries & Trout introduced this concept many years ago” and already enjoying 5 stars on Amazon. It is available everywhere Amazon sells books.

What the experts say about the book:

“Ulli has taken years of planning experience and distilled it into 26 easily digestible steps that will, even in the hands of a junior marketer, generate sophisticated results. This book is packed with easy-to-follow exercises that guarantee a compelling brand positioning.  Lots of helpful examples and blessedly free of marketing catchphrases. Highly recommend” Jill Baskin, CMO, The Hershey Co. 

Hands down the best book on brand positioning since Ries & Trout introduced this concept many years ago. Ulli provides a smart roadmap on how to successfully position or re-position your brand for success in the marketplace. It works for all levels of experience from a young professional to a seasoned marketer. The thought-starter exercises provide great discussion opportunities for you and your team. If you want a laser-focused approach to carve out the brand position you need to grow your business – read this book.” Mark Jenson, Lecturer at the U of MN Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

This book has more of a Powerbook than a workbook: it’s not a bland coffee, it’s THE espresso for powerful brand positioning developments: tight, energizing, and tasty! Thanks to the extensive experience and research of the author, you get a super-comprehensive and very multifaceted input of proven cases and countless possibilities of disrupting territories for your brand, you can then assess and test against each other. This workbook lets you think dangerously and act safely at the same time: you can be sure, you won’t miss any opportunity to sharply position your brand and shake up your market. Be ready for an inspiring firework and bold sacrifices that bring you forward. Vincent Schmidlin, Executive Board Member,  Serviceplan Group, Germany

Ulli successfully accomplishes the impossible task of condensing his wisdom into an easy-to-follow guide. He provides a clear structure anchored in time-tested fundamentals to help your organization conceive a differentiating and distinctive brand strategy. Now I can just use Ulli’s guide to instruct business colleagues and newly-minted marketers on brand strategy. You can, and should, do the same. Laura Luckman Kelber, Chief Marketing Officer, Double Good

The book was also the winner of the NYCBigBookAward in the marketing and advertising category.

 You can also see the coverage the book has received so far here.

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