Is That An Insight? Find Out With Our Insight Scorecard

The concept of “Insight” is overused and often misused in marketing. All too often insights are confused with “new information”, which may be interesting and useful but which doesn’t have the business and brand building power of an insight. So I’ve created this scorecard to help you and your team determine if you have an insight worth acting upon or not. To my knowledge, this is the first of its kind.


This scorecard is part of my latest product the “Aha! The indispensable Insight Generation Toolkit”, a set of 49 method cards designed to help marketers, market research professionals, and strategists mine for and uncover business-building insights. The cards are divided into three sections which I believe represent the three pathways to insight generation, i.e. 1. Problem Re-framing, 2. Insight Mining and 3. Insight Harvesting.

The cards represent the most comprehensive insight generation toolkit out there. As a matter of fact, I looked for this type of product but since I couldn’t find any, decided to create one myself.

The cards are only available on this website for now (worldwide shipping is included in the price). Use the code FIRST at check-out for an introductory 20% off.

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