Create A Ritual Around The Usage Or Consumption Of Your Brand!

A brand can enhance its perceived appeal -and in some cases command a higher price point- by trying to create a ritualized behavior around the brand’s actual consumption or usage. In fact, research from the Harvard University shows that people who ritualize their consumption (or use) of a brand find the experience more rewarding and enjoyable and are willing to pay more for the brand. This can be as simple as the ritual of unwrapping a piece of chocolate before eating it. Ferrero Rocher, for example, is a master at packaging its products to create this sense of anticipation through a ritualized behavior.

Branded rituals differ from consumer rituals in that they are specific to the brand and its use or consumption. A branded ritual can be used to either make the brand experience feel more special or to add meaning and positive associations to a brand or its user.

Typical examples would be the 9 steps required to pour a Stella Artois, the ritual of eating an Oreo cookie (preferably while arguing with a loved one about the best way to eat it), making smores over an open fire (Hershey’s), or the squeezing of a lime into a Corona bottle (the final touch). Febreze for example positioned itself for a while as the final touch of the home’s cleaning ritual. 

Creating a ritualized behavior around your brand is one of the 26 proven effective positioning strategies we explore in our positioning development methodology and a highly effective way to re-position and grow a brand.

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