Your Brain Doesn’t Want You To Be Innovative!


Next time you have to position a brand, develop a break-through marketing strategy, or come up with a new product idea remember that your brain doesn’t want you to be innovative or change your ways.

It will act as your puppet-master.

It will mainly look for the familiar, comfortable and obvious.

It will only search for, or interpret, information that confirms its preconceptions and discredits information that doesn’t support its views (confirmation bias).

It will only search for solutions in the easiest places rather than the ones that are most likely to yield results (Drunkard Search Effect).

And it will also make sure that you won’t notice your own biases (blind-spot bias) and instead systematically overestimate your own knowledge and abilities (the over-confidence bias).

If you are thinking that this doesn’t apply to you, go back to the previous point.

Remember, your brain doesn’t want you to be innovative.

But, and contrary to popular belief, it is actually fairly easy to change that and take control of the way your brain works, especially when developing brand positioning platforms and communication strategies.

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